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Yacht Charter Holidays in the Balearic Islands

Do you have a favorite holiday destination? Have you gone to a holiday and fallen in love with every detail of the destination so much so that you start planning on how to get back there even before leaving? The Balearic Islands are a perfect example of irresistible destinations. Ninety percent of the people who have spent their holidays at this Europe’s major vacation site would wish to get back there. As a matter of fact, there are tourists who have ended up making these islands their home.

What are Balearic Islands?

The Balearic is a group of islands in Spain. They provide an amazing tourist attraction that is sub-divided into Gimnesias and Pitiusas. At the northern end is the Gimnesias which include islands such as Mallorca, Menorca and Cabrera. Pitiusas on the other hand is in the southwest and is home to islands like Formetera and Ibiza. Mallorca serves as the capital of these island communities. Though they are mostly fluent Spanish speakers, the autonomous communities living in the Balearic islands also use Catalan as one of their languages. 

Awash with its beautiful sands, solitary coves, beautiful terrains and crystal clear water; Balearics Islands provides a stunning scenery, you can be sure to enjoy this as you yacht your way through it’s different islands, this as you indulge in the famous Spanish cuisine. Who would not love such a getaway? You can consider or even buy an Ibiza property, a holiday or more permanent home in the Balearics.

Yacht Balearics

The generous islands give you the opportunity to charter your dream boat and cruise the charming shores. You also have the option of hiring the services of an expert Captain. The cost of chartering is dependent on the size of the yacht, the number of passengers as well as the destination, plus of course fuel.

Balearic Charter Types

Skippered Charter Holidays

Take a skippered charter holiday today in the company of an expert! He will usher you with tips as well as recommendations. They do respect your privacy when you need it. What’s more, you don’t have to feel them all over your neck as you have the options of hiring professional skippers’ services for a time frame of your own convenience. Skippered chartering is best in larger charts and the Balearic will provide you with that.

Flotilla Sailing Holidays

Take a night sail, with family or with friends or better still, all by yourself. While at it, you have the opportunity to take beautiful night photos before you get back to your hotel room. You can also rent a villa if you are a big party and give yourselves the chance to explore the islands as a team!

Bareboat Charter Holidays

This is the most liberating way to sail through the Balearic Islands. Enjoy the breathtaking ambience as you sail your way around the islands. You can have a professional do it while you just lay in the yacht and enjoy the view.

Why Choose Balearic Islands? 

These islands have a Mediterranean climate; we all know the charming atmosphere it can provide. Out of 365 days, roughly 300 are sunny days. Now who wouldn’t love to enjoy this Mediterranean taste of paradise?

Some islands like Ibiza is an internationally recognized party destination. That’s right; here you get to meet internationally recognized Djs and the hippest clubs.

Mallorca and Ibiza are also known for their perfect beaches but for cove lovers, Menorca is the best renowned. Enjoy a swim session here or a sail around these coves.  

Sandy Beaches

Spend a day or two at Formentera. This is a beautiful island endowed with crispy white sandy beaches perfect for sun bathing. Depending on your schedule, you could anchor off at nightfall and spend your night here or charter your way back to the charming Ibiza. 

‘Cuevas del Drach’

You can’t possibly leave the Balearics without visiting this world renowned site. See the out of this world holes that one accesses through a boat as there is a river sort of thing and a beautiful lighting. The holes have strange stalagmites and you got to love being here!

Relax at Mallorca

The main objective of a holiday or vacation is relaxation. Mallorca Island has the best ambience to offer. Catch a concert at one of the top halls in Europe, Auditirio de Palma.

Yacht Companies

A number of yacht companies have invested their assets here just to give you an experience of a lifetime. They offer chartering services while others go to an extent of organizing for your holiday long before you take it. They have expertise that makes sure your sailing experience is worth every single penny. Combine excellent customer care, favorable climate, beautiful and amazing sceneries and you get the Balearics, this means a holiday destination for life! The Balearics is home to some of the best charms that the Mediterranean climate can offer.  


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