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Yacht Charter Holidays in the Balearic Islands

Do you have a favorite holiday destination? Have you gone to a holiday and fallen in love with every detail of the destination so much so that you start planning on how to get back there even before leaving? The Balearic Islands are a perfect example of irresistible destinations. Ninety percent of the people who have spent their holidays at this Europe’s major vacation site would wish to get back there. As a matter of fact, there are tourists who have ended up making these islands their home.

What are Balearic Islands?

The Balearic is a group of islands in Spain. They provide an amazing tourist attraction that is sub-divided into Gimnesias and Pitiusas. At the northern end is the Gimnesias which include islands such as Mallorca, Menorca and Cabrera. Pitiusas on the other hand is in the southwest and is home to islands like Formetera and Ibiza. Mallorca serves as the capital of these island communities. Though they are mostly fluent Spanish speakers, the autonomous communities living in the Balearic islands also use Catalan as one of their languages.  Read More...

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I never realized I would enjoy watching water sports so much, till I happened to witness the events organized by Water Sports Association. It was a spectacular feat, and I was impressed by the sheer expertise with which the entire event was organized.
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I’m a scuba diving enthusiast, and the fact that Water Sports Association has a whole range of diving activities organized; I’m highly enthusiastic about taking part in them as frequently as possible, and try other activities as well.
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